Pocket-sized anti-drone device

Airfence Mini is the most portable Airfence solution so far.

It protects individual officers, soldiers or a small groups from hostile drones.

For military and civilian environments.


For Military Use

  • User-friendly for individual soldiers.
  • Guards against reconnaissance.
  • Indicates sky safety.
  • Offers a comprehensive view of the radio environment.
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For Law Enforcement

  • Secures VIP events.
  • Aids in apprehending drone pilots.
  • Portable and accompanies officers on the move.
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For Protecting Infrastructure

  • Identifies hostile drones near critical assets.
  • Monitors and records IDs of detected drones.
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Drone detection

Passive detection for real-time location of drone. Up to 2 km range with a single device. Expanded range with additional devices.

Long battery life

Airfence Mini operates with an external battery, ensuring continuous functionality with simple battery swaps.

Deployment and design

Airfence Mini is compact and and pocket-sized. The device is weather-proof and it is designed to handle temperatures from freezing -30°C up to 50°C.

User interface

The device features a compact display offering ease of use and essential information for individual officers. Connects to the Airfence web application for expanded functionality.

Over the air updates

Detection library for all major commercially available drones with constant updates.

Compatible with other Airfence solutions

Airfence Mini seamlessly integrates with other Sensofusion products, including larger antennas.

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