Drone detection for convoys, events and infrastructure.

Modern drones have introduced new safety and security risks in multiple environments.

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Protecting the skies from unauthorized drones

Market for commercial drones, aerial mapping and monitoring is growing fast as our skies will become more congested. Airfence is a leading anti-drone system that can detect, verify and neutralize unauthorized drones.

Protection for moving targets, VIPs and combat forces

The protection of VIPs and high-ranking officials on the move or appearing at outdoor public events has become a challenge to security agencies. Drones can render even the highest security measures vulnerable. Airfence is a portable system to detect and neutralize unauthorized drones entering a secured perimeter.

Protection for key infrastructure and public events.

Airfence provides protection from autonomous and pre-programmed drones, unauthorized surveillance missions or large-scale attacks in critical infrastructures, airports, public events and more.

Tested by military, presidential guards, police, maritime, secret services and leading events.

Since 2016 Airfence has been used and developed for UAS detection together with governmental and military partners in Europe, North America, Middle-East and Asia.

“We’ve managed to intercept and prevent over 70+ drone attacks on the Israeli border. Remarkable is that we’ve also detained pilots and thus prevented consequent attacks.”

Israel Border Police