Introducing Airfence 7.0

Airfence is a state of the art passive drone detection system.


Drone and pilot detection

Passive detection for real-time location of drone, its pilot, home location, serial number and other useful information about the drone.


Up to 10 km (6 miles) with a single sensor unit. Increase monitored area by multiple sensor units.

Over the air updates

Detection library for all major commercially available drones with constant updates.


Airfence is compact and easy to deploy on top of a building or a vehicle in minutes. The system is weather-proof and has years of operational history in real-world scenarios.

User Interface

A web application that works seamlessly between mobile and desktop devices. It provides the maps, real-time situational data and full history of past detections.

Offline support

Airfence works either online or offline. In offline mode, Airfence provides a web-based user interface directly served from the sensor unit.

Plug and play

Airfence deployment is simple and fast. Connect power, antenna and network cables to the military grade connectors. In minutes, the sensor unit is ready to run.


Airfence system uses different antennas for different purposes. Larger high performance directional antennas ensure robust and long-range detecting performance. Smaller covert antennas are lightweight and fit neatly on top of vehicles.

User Interface

Airfence monitors the protected area automatically. An audiovisual alert occurs in case of an unwanted drone entering the monitored area. The alert can also be delivered by SMS and email.


Airfence is designed to handle temperatures from freezing -30°C up to 50°C. High computing power requires sufficient cooling which is achieved by combining effective active and passive heat management solutions. Airfence is IP67 protected to operate in all weather conditions.

What’s inside the box

Airfence is delivered in a rugged case with wheels for easy transportation. The box weighs around 25 kilograms and contains all you need to deploy an operational anti-drone system: sensor unit, directional finding antenna, power supply, network device and necessary accessories.

Designed with passion.


  • Price (Sensor unit + Antenna + Software)

    160 000 € + taxes

  • Included

    Sensor unit, Directional Finding Antenna, Software

  • Measures

    240 mm x 65 mm x 410 mm

  • Weight (sensor unit)

    5.7 kg

  • Detection technology

    Passive Radio Frequency Detection

  • Operating frequency

    70 MHz - 6 GHz

  • Input voltage (AC)

    100 - 240 V

  • Operating Temperature

    -30°C to +50°C

  • OS

    Browser (mobile, tablet, laptop)

  • Ports


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